Deutsche bank fx algorithmic trading

deutsche bank fx algorithmic trading

Consequently, all transactions you enter into pursuant to the FX Algo Services will be with Deutsche Bank, not the external counterparty (where applicable) from whom Deutsche Bank has sourced liquidity in the market pursuant to your order. Ian OFlaherty, Global Head, FX eSales "This launch has been keenly anticipated. In determining any pricing (or any component of pricing Deutsche Bank may consider factors such as liquidity of the transaction type in prevailing markets, the size and/or complexity of the transaction, credit costs, balance sheet and capital usage, risk limit utilization. Deutsche Bank may execute transactions for its own account or for the benefit of other customers prior to execution of any trade request that a customer has placed with Deutsche Bank. The discussion below relates to rates that are calculated by a third-party service at a specified time of day, such as WM/R benchmarks. Deutsche Bank may also execute a trade request by means of an execution tool that may cause Deutsche Bank to enter into prior transactions in the process of executing a customers trade request. Deutsche Bank may benefit from reduced transaction costs when executing through certain internal or external trading venues and, if we have an investment in, or other relationship with, an external venue, Deutsche Bank may receive other benefits as a result of that interest. Certain Algo Strategies may only permit access to internal Deutsche Bank liquidity.

Should you wish to have access to only a subset of these liquidity sources, please contact your Deutsche Bank sales representative. This information can be found within the Info section under the heading FX Algo Services Algo Strategies. During volatile and/or disrupted markets, we will endeavour to continue to serve customers but we may not be able to provide the product offering, level of execution, liquidity and pricing - including in electronic markets - as would be the. Deutsche Bank shares information as necessary to fulfil these responsibilities and respond to general and specific regulatory and other requests with which it is required to comply. Orders submitted to Deutsche Bank through an electronic interface, platform or connection will be time stamped when they are submitted and when they are accepted. With regard to executed transactions, Deutsche Bank reviews the economic terms on an individual transaction and aggregate basis to assess the impact on market, liquidity and credit risks. This control may be applied immediately upon receipt of a submitted trade request and application of all other last look checks, or after a short delay. Our new platform delivers the latest tools to ensure the continued success of our clients in the world's largest market.". Deutsche Bank has published an additional disclosure (the.